This year I was excited and honoured to have a workshop at Meet Magento 2017 Romania on October 17th.

From the arrival, the venue Grand Hotel Italia was great and we were very warm welcome, especially after a longer flight time because of the weather conditions (more precisely the airport was closed due to an intense fog and the airplane had to make circles in the air for about one hour).

The organisers did a really great job and they switched my speech. Ben Marks cooled me down with a bottle of water, which proved more than useful for my emotions which I usually have when I present in public.

The audience was quite large. I had the pleasure to talk about the same topic: “Magento 2 on Kubernetes", which was developed internally in Nordic Web Team and which is one of the most interesting projects I worked in the last years.

Meet Magento 2017 Romania

At the end of my presentation, I was very happy to answer to Vlad Stanescu questions, which were related to Kubernetes Ingress.

Vlad is also the host of the Romanian event and we thank him for the opportunity. He is CEO in the company which also had an early adoption of the Kubernetes platform as they posted later on their blog. It is now obvious that Docker becomes more and more popular and it proves that is ready to go in production and Kubernetes plays a pivotal role in this area.

Using the platform there is a significant cost reduction because of the scalability which take place in both directions (up/down), which gives also a confident feeling on the product and services and makes it very attractive from business perspective as well.